Question 1: Why do I need an eye exam?

A comprehensive  eye exam is to evaluate the health status of your eyes in depth.   It is not  be equate to the  visual acuity  test at the family doctor and pediatrician’s office or screening test at school.   On top of the obvious refraction test (to check the power of your glasses), more tests are involved  to check your  eye tracking, eye alignment, and focusing system.   Any deficiency on those  eye system can  cause eye strain,  eye fatigue, headache, even sleepiness while doing close up work  such as reading.   Many people have false security of if they can see “well” (e.g 20/20), there is nothing wrong with their eyes.   Having 20/20 eye sight does not indicate you have a good vision.   A comprehensive eye exam with dilated fundus exam also allows the doctor to check your eye pressure and retinal health to rule out glaucoma and retinal  tear (just name 2 of many) which are not symtomatic to people and are detrimental to eyes.   For children, an eye exam may allow the doctor to detect any visual-related learning  disability in school.   Again, it is not detectable by parents or themselves.   Most people think the school screening is equivalent to an eye exam and delay taking their children for help when needed.

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Welcome to “Ask The Doctor”

Welcome to “Ask The Doctor.”   In this section you can ask the doctor  any eye care related questions you may have.   This section is intended to provide general information and does not represent any form of diagnosis.

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