Special Contact Lens

When people fail to obtain reasonable good vision with glasses and conventional contact lens (both hard and soft) with eye condition such as keratoconus, trauma, corneal transplant, history of refractive surgery, coreal disease, there are customized lenses to provide better vision.

Special contact lenses are also used on people who have normal ocular health but want to achieve vision and convenience which cannot be obtained by soft contact lenses These are such as multifocal contact lenses. When people start wearing bifocal or progressive lenses they want to explore the possibility of multi-vision in contact lenses.

Special contact lenses can also provide control of prescription increase such as Ortho-K (corneal re-shaping technology).   It is well documented by wearing specially fitted contact lens, one can prevent or slow down the progression of myopia in young children.

Hybrid contact lenses (hard contact lens in the center, soft contact lens in the peripheral) provide the superior vision of the RGP and the comfort of the soft contact lenses. This is perfect for patients who never achieve optimal vision with soft contact lenses but want the same comfort. This type of contact lenses are also available in multifocal (known as bifocal) version.

Scleral contact lenses are the recent addition to the custom contact lens world. They are large diameter hard contact lens. Their sizes range from 12 to 18 millimeter. Although their sizes may seem very appalling, they are quite comfortable.

There are many more other special contact lenses along with a few mentioned above are utilized to treat ocular conditions in various degrees. The possibilities are endless.

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