Children’s Eye Exam

We recommend the first comprehensive eye exam for a baby is before he is one year old.      This is to ensure there is no  high prescription and eye turn developed that can inhibit his normal visual development.   If any of the above detected, early intervention can ensure proper visual development and reduce risk of learning problem in the future.   The second exam is recommended to be at  three year old if the first  exam  is normal.   The next  exam should be right before a child enter the school.   After that,  the exam should be every one year.

An eye exam for children is different than adult.    Additional tests are done to check their eyes’ ability to follow, to track, to focus, and to  work together.   These skills are very important for reading.   It is crucial to check if a child has visual related learning disabilities if he is struggle in school or not live up to his potential.   Upon their arrival to our office, either parents or the child himself is asked to complete a questionaire that helps the optometrist to  understand the child’s reading style.

In our office, an eye exam for a child younger than one year old is complementary.   Please call for detail.

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