Vision Therapy

One in four children in U.S. has vision problem that can be affecting their performance in school.   Majority of problem can be helped by prescribing corrective lenses, however, some problems cannot be helped with glasses that may be helped with Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment program to train eyes and brain the skills that are not developed efficiently.   It is a highly effective treatment for people who have lazy eye (amblyopia), eye turns (strabismus), double vision (diplopia), developmental delays, sensory integration dysfuntions, autism spectrum disorders, accommodative dysfuntions, oculo-motor dysfunctions, visual perceptual disorders, vision-related learning problem.   It is our belief that any eye condition can be helped at any age.   However, it is true that it will take longer to train someone who has a long-term condition.   Neurological researches have shown that brains can be trained at any age, it is called neuroplasticity.

Vision Therapy enhances the connections between the eyes and the brain so the visual system is more efficient and operates at a higher level.    A therapy program is divided into three stages.   First,  to find  better/more efficient  neurological pathways from the eyes to the brain.   Second, break the old  neurological pathways  (old habits) and implement  more efficient pathways (new habits).   Finally, make the usage of improved neurological pathways more automatic, natural, and permanent.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction  

Vision & learning


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

TBI/ABI (Brain Injuries)


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