We offer wide selection of frames with the prices for everyone. We carry designer frames like Fendi, Prada, Neubau and Silhouette from Australia. Fashion forward frames like Boss by Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Marc Jacob, Max Mara, Kenneth Cole, Scott Harris. We also have sophisticated design Hacket Bespoke of England. For those  who are environmentally conscious, we have NW 77th from US made from recycled materials.  Sport frames we have Wiley X and Liberty Sports. We also have Hello Kitty for kids and Miraflex from Italy, a specialized children’s frame which is flexible and difficult to break. We constantly updating our selection to meet our customers’ need.

For lenses, we recommend free-form for people who need multifocal lenses. It provides the optimal vision and ultimate experience.  Our goal is to educate patient with the best product for their individual need. However we also provide variety of lenses in different materials such as CR-39 (basic plastic), polycarbonate (shatter-proof), Trivex (optically better shatter-proof lens), mid-index lens, high-index lens, and ultra high-index lens.

There are many coatings you can add to the lens for clearer vision and better comfort.   They are anti-reflective coating, UV coating (a clear coating), and scratch-resistent coating.  Because of the technology advancement, now there are many different quality levels  of anti-reflective coating available.   The highest quality we offer is Hoya EX3 which is the only one in the market that provide as durable as glass on its scratch-resistent and anti-reflective quality.

As for sun protection, we recommend polarized lenses for best vision and its ability to protect.   However, Transition lenses provide convenience which they turns color when outdoor.   Both of these lenses are special lenses and they are not coatings so cannot be added on once the lenses are made.

A new product came out May 2012 which provides the best of transition and polarization called Transition Vantage. It is a transition lens that polarizes when darken. It is a great lens for people who want the convenience of transition with maximum protection from polarization.

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